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Mission Statement

The International Cesarean Awareness Network, Inc. (ICAN) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, providing support for cesarean recovery, and promoting Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

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ICAN webinars offer consumers and childbirth professionals the opportunity to learn and interact in an exciting format: through live video and audio sharing. All you need to participate is a computer with internet access and speakers or a headset. These educational webinars are FREE to all members. If you are not a member, what's stopping you? Click here to join up!

Who's In Charge Here?: Rights and Protections During Childbirth

This webinar, led by Farah Diaz-Tello, Staff Attorney at National Advocates for Pregnant Women, will provide an overview into basic legal concepts that form the underpinnings of rights relevant during pregnancy and birthing. Concepts covered will include informed consent and refusal, patient abandonment, and potential remedies for rights violations. This session will offer participants an understanding of the principles that protect their medical decision making, and recommendations for changing policies that create barriers to the exercise of this important right.

Birth Stories: Sharing & Listening

Hosted by Pam England

Becoming a mother is one of the most powerful and profound events of your life, and, no matter the outcome, it can be infused with negative feelings. In our culture, especially in the case of a cesarean, “healthy mother, healthy baby” may be considered the only thing of value. Yet what happened to you—physically and emotionally—matters.

In this special webinar, Pam England (author and founder of Birthing From Within) shares her vision for healing, learning, and hope after an unwanted, unexpected cesarean. Birthing From Within’s mission to prevent and heal emotional birth trauma was born from Pam’s own experience as a home birth midwife deeply traumatized by her cesarean. Birth Story Medicine® is based on what Pam has learned over decades of listening to and helping cesarean mothers.

Come learn interesting new research about what makes narrative storytelling either healing or re-traumatizing. Experience a unique process that brings you insight and restores wholeness. It is never too soon, nor too late, to find new meaning in your birth story; you will leave this webinar feeling heard and uplifted.

This webinar, hosted by Cori Gentry, BBCI, offers helpful suggestions on ways in which birthing mothers can reduce their chances of a preventable cesarean.

About Cori Gentry, BBCI:

Through the stories of her mother and family members, Cori grew up believing that natural birth was normal and medicated births were the rare exceptions. After college, she became a childcare provider in 2005 and was surprised by how common cesareans and epidurals were among her clients. After discovering that there were no comprehensive natural childbirth classes in her area, Cori and her husband relied on self study and quickly realized how hard it was to experience a normal birth in our medical system without real life support and a modern approach to childbirth education. She was committed to filling this void in her community and in 2012, Cori certified as a Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth educator. Cori offers 10 week contemporary, accessible natural childbirth classes in Salinas and Carmel, California.

Cori and her husband have 3 boys together and are expecting their 4th child in December. Each of Cori’s three births have been very different: she’s birthed at 41, 38, and over 42 weeks, with both obstetricians and midwives, medicated and natural, and her boys have weighed 10, 8, and over 11 pounds, all born vaginally. Her births have fueled her passion for advocacy and evidence based maternity care. She is active in her local ICAN chapter and Birth Network. Cori blogs about birth, birth work, and access to evidence based maternity care at www.corigentry.com.

Chiropractic Strategies for Healthy Pregnancies and Birth

Dr. Elliot Berlin of Berlin Wellness Clinic in Los Angeles, CA leads this educational webinar on how chiropractic care can impact your pregnancy and birth.  

The VBAC Option

Presented by Desirre Andrews, CPM, RM, CCCE, LCCE  as an educational class, we will discuss the nuances of VBAC as a birth option.

CBAC and Repeat Cesarean

There are lots of opinions and assumptions when it comes to having a cesarean. Many moms who’ve had a cesarean know first hand about the struggles of dealing with these assumptions and opinions, including lack of emotional support from friends and family, and difficulties finding a supportive care provider, just to name a few . Thanks to educational and advocacy efforts, some important progress has been made in helping parents and birth professionals expand their views - and thanks to the internet, it’s getting easier to find information and support!

But what happens when a mom has another cesarean? Suddenly there’s a whole new set of assumptions and opinions - among parents, birth professionals and friends. What if you worked really hard to avoid another cesarean, but it happened anyhow? What if you “chose” a repeat cesarean? What if you “didn’t have a choice” at all? The topic of CBAC is rarely discussed, yet more than 90% of moms in the U.S. with a prior cesarean have another cesarean, so it’s clearly a topic that deserves attention.

For this presentation, Kelly Fischer created a survey with over 40 questions and asked moms to talk about their experiences of having another cesarean (whether by incidence, or by “choice”). Through hearing the stories from these women, you will gain a better understanding of the wide range of experiences that are possible, as well as some of their common themes. Topics include:

  • The alphabet soup of birth after cesarean acronyms
  • The myth of choice
  • How we label having another cesarean
  • What about family centered cesarean?
  • Feeling in or out of control when having another cesarean
  • Does family centered cesarean count as VBAC support?

Sharing our stories is one of the best ways to build a culture of empathy and create change!

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